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A Message From Mercury

By Michael Laughrin,

[As you may know, I can talk to the planets. Mercury wants me to give you this message. - Michael]

Mercury says:

You see, the play's the thing. The game, the sport, the fun. Let's do it! Whether it is sex, or games or sports or business or word games, we've got to do, do, do.

I love to talk, to communicate, to shmooze. That is why I rule phones, computers, the Internet, cleverness. I am the most youthful of planets (not counting little children). If you have a strong Mercury in your chart, you will always seem more youthful than your years.

You Americans are too stodgy in your business practices. No fixed prices! Negotiate, bargain: show me yours and I'll show you mine. Mercury, the Roman god, was the messenger of the gods. Fleet of foot and buzz, buzz, buzz.

I pretty much like the same things as my sister Venus -- flowers, sex, poetry, dancing, music -- but for different reasons. I like arranging flowers; also communicating with the flowers devas. I like the play of poetry, rather than just the beauty. Brownian motion: that would apply to me. I rule cleverness of speech, mind and hands. So therefore I rule instrumental music. The fingers dance!

Yes, I am smart. And yes, I do become bored rather quickly. You mean you're telling me that same old story again? I like fresh, new, fun stuff (Gemini). Whatever someone is clever at, whatever they are quick at, that I like. I like the sport of the athlete, the verbal play of the businessman, the improvisation of the dancer or musician, the inventiveness of sex.

I like people who are proficient in at least two things: two languages (or more), two careers, two skills, two lovers, two stories (I like creative lying), two types of thinking, mimicry, guerilla theatre (which is improvised on the spot), two different musical instruments. If two things are good, three are great and ten are d-d-Divine!

But, even though I am clever, I am not deep (How boring!). I like sports, but the play -- not the meanness or the aggressiveness. I like sex but not necessarily love (although the game of love is great because they are all sooooo serious!) I will make fun of you and I hope that you will make fun of me back.

Of course I am humor, I am silliness, I cannot be tied down. Don't fence me in!

When I do become serious (once a week or so), I am capable of the most refined feats of intellectual judgment (the game at its subtlest level).

Let's play.

Om shri budhaya namaha.

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

From the January, 2005 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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