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Books by Michael Laughrin

Planets: The Meaning of Each Sign in Each House by Michael Laughrin. This is a useful delineator of planetary positions similar in scope to Bepin Behari’s Planets in the Signs and Houses (which is, unfortunately, out of print). This book gives the meaning of each planet in each sign and in each house. It goes one step further than most "cookbook" interpretations of natal planetary positions. The volume is very useful (along with Mr. Behari’s book) for any student of the Divine Science, amateur or professional, who ever does a reading for someone else. Mr. Laughrin lives in the United States and has been a professional (Vedic) astrologer for over 15 years. For the book to be useful, the reader must at least be able to look at a chart and determine which sign and which house a given planet is in. Spiral bound. Available for purchase from The Astrology Center of America for $35 plus shipping.

Love Mantras: Prerequisites to a Happy Relationship by Michael Laughrin. You want a happy relationship with a significant other, but do you have what it takes? The part of the relationship you can control is...YOU! Prepare yourself for a relationship, or enhance your existing partnership, by following the simple, profound steps laid out in Love Mantras. Available from the author directly for $10 plus shipping at (440) 582-9848.

Michael has also written reviews of Jyotish books and created Jyotish Reading Lists with short reviews.