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Shortcuts to Chart Interpretation

By Michael Laughrin,

The truth of the matter is that nakshatra rulers are as important in the interpretation of planets in the natal chart as are the sign rulers of the various planets.

For example, here is the chart of a client I know well - Chart O1.

The Sun is in Taurus, indicating a person who is easy-going, dominated by kapha, likes to eat and likes to take it easy. These are all true except that he is more dominated by pitta, and kapha is second. His Sun is in the star (nakshatra) of Krittika, which is ruled by the Sun itself. Logic suggests that he should be sharp, smart and impatient, and prefers to give orders rather than take them. These are all absolutely correct. So, in this case it seems that the star ruler is more important than the sign ruler.

His Moon is at about 14 degrees of Scorpio, in a sign ruled by Mars. The Moon is neecha (debilitated) here. This suggests that he might be sneaky, passive-aggressive, sensitive, and perhaps afraid of the water. All of these are kind of true. But, the Moon is the star of Anuradha is ruled by Saturn, indicating one who is patient, steady, purposeful, and with a tendency toward depression. Again, these are true. For the Moon, it seems that Mars may have a slightly stronger effect than Saturn.

Mars is also neecha in his chart at about 18 degrees of Cancer. So, the ruler of Cancer is the Moon. This suggests kindness, softness, nurturing qualities, and perhaps a lack of physical aggressiveness. All pretty much true. However, as Mars is in the star of Ashesha, ruled by Mercury, this suggests one who is verbally aggressive, clever, good at business and has good manual dexterity. All of these are very apt, and the Mercury qualities of Mars seem to outshine the Moon qualities.

Mercury is in Aries at around 17 degrees. Mercury in a sign of Mars should have, more or less, the same effects as Mars in the star of Mercury (see the previous paragraph). But Mercury is in the star of Bharani which is ruled by Venus. The combination of Mercury's and Venus' energies suggest a musician (he has played five musical instruments and Mercury rules instrumental music), a poet, one who pursues a line of business related to the arts (he worked in music stores, taught music and sold nature pictures for several years). It also might indicate a painter and he has studied painting to a minor degree. For Mercury, it seems that Mars and Venus have approximately equal effects.

Jupiter is at about 26 degrees of Virgo and is retrograde. This suggests wisdom combined with cleverness. But the nakshatra ruler of Jupiter is, again, Mars, indicating one who might be assertive in his beliefs. He has taught meditation, has given several sermons, and has started several publications.

Venus is in the sign of Taurus (ruled by Venus itself) at about 28 degrees in the star of Mrigashira—ruled again by Mars (do we see a pattern here?). He loves to eat, likes ease, plays music and has a distinct kaphic side—all Venusian and Taurean qualities. The fact that Mars is neecha contributed to his very late marriage. Also it might suggest one who was somewhat intense about relationships and therefore scared potential partners away.

Saturn is at 28 degrees of Gemini. The sign is ruled by Mercury and the star is ruled by Jupiter. Saturn and Mercury together suggest business. He was a salesman for around 15 years and has had his own business since 1989. Saturn and Jupiter together indicate higher metaphysical studies (he has meditated for over 40 years and religion has been a "hobby" for many years) and also the Law—nothing there.

So, we can see that, indeed, the nakshatra ruler is at least as important as the sign ruler. Please pay adequate attention to it when you analyze a chart.

(c) copyright 2009 Michael Laughrin

From the February/March 2009 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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