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A Possible Future

By Michael Laughrin,
Written and published August 20, 2009

Wall StreetTo be honest, I thought that when Jupiter, by retrograde motion, went back to Capricorn (its sign of debilitation) on around August 1, 2009, we would see another crash in the stock market. I am glad to say that I was wrong. In Jyotish terms, it is said by some astrologers that a planet that is fallen but retrograde is almost like an exalted planet - e.g., very, very strong indeed. So, apparently, that is the case now for Jupiter in Capricorn.

However, if we look forward for a few months, we see that, on about October 13 2009, Jupiter starts to move in an apparently forward direction. What this means is that it will be just fallen, and not blessed by retrogression, from October 13 until December 19, 2009, when it leaves its state of debilitation for at least another decade.

Then, on October 17, 2009, the Sun enters sidereal Libra, its sign of debilitation. On October 27, the Sun is at its maximum degree of debilitation. Going back to the beginning of October 2009, we see that Mars (the dasha lord for the chart of the United States), enters Cancer, Mars' debilitation sign, on October 4 and it stays there until May 26, 2010.

To me, the picture is clear: there are at least three major factors that indicate a grand bust in the financial markets in the United States in October 2009 (and it probably will last until December 2009 or more).


  1. Jupiter, the ruler of America's natal chart and the strongest planet for prosperity, is fallen during that time.
  2. The Sun, the ruler of the 9th house (of luck) in the U.S.A. chart, is fallen from October 17 until November 17, 2009. Furthermore, it is fallen in the US 11th house (the house of gains), hurting three important money houses - the 5th (by opposition aspect), the 9th (ruled by the Sun), and the 11th house, where it will be placed by transit. Also, the Sun stands for government, so perhaps we can expect some other financial crisis in our national government at that time.
  3. Mars, the ruler of the 5th house of investments (and, being 9th from the 9th house, a secondary luck house) will not only be fallen throughout October but will also be placed, by transit, in that most difficult of houses - the 8th house.

Chart Q1: USA birth chart (jyotish)But, stepping back for a moment, let us look at other Jyotish events. At last, Saturn leaves the enemy sign of Leo and enters the sign of its great friend, Mercury, on about September 9, 2009. Also, Virgo (where Saturn will be placed), will then be fully aspected by the divine Jupiter (also an indicator of the U.S. as a whole). Therefore, I expect that we will have, more or less, some kind of universal health care in America and that the new laws regarding these matters will, most likely, be passed between September 9, 2009 and October 17, 2009. Saturn rules the working people and the sign of Virgo is the natural sign for healthcare, so it makes sense - to me, at least.

On about November 4, 2009, both Rahu and Ketu move, by retrograde motion, into Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. This indicates both good news and bad news. Good news because they will no longer be casting their malevolent glance on the US's sign of money, Capricorn. Not so good because they will be negatively affecting the US chart's 1st house of the Self and 7th house of other countries. As the 1st house is the main house of health, and both Rahu and Ketu indicate possible epidemics or viruses, this could possibly indicate some virulent health attack on the US population. However, once transiting Jupiter enters sidereal Aquarius on December 19, 2009, it bodes very well for the US and its foreign relations because Jupiter in Aquarius will:

  1. Be out of debilitation
  2. Aspect natal Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Sun.

This means, at least to me, that our international reputation will be better and better around the world. Also, international trade will pick up more and more while Jupiter is in Aquarius and then Pisces (from December 2009 until May 2011).

What about real estate values? I do not see any tremendous recovery in real estate in 2009, although Saturn entering Virgo in September 2009 will then be in the US chart's 10th house, fully aspecting both the 4th house of real estate and the 7th house (which, being 4th from the 4th, is a secondary real estate house). I do think that there will be more government programs to help working class people (indicated by Saturn) escape foreclosure, get cheaper loans, and even acquire new homes in some parts of the country (probably out West as Saturn rules the Westerly direction).

Once Mars enters the sidereal sign of Leo (May 2010), then I fully expect the real estate market to really heat up and stay up at least until February 2011 (when Mars leaves its sign of exaltation - Capricorn). And that is just based on the transits of Mars and Saturn.

When Jupiter, by transit, is crossing its own sign of Pisces, from April 2010 to May of 2011, that is when the most important indicators of real estate recovery, new building and appreciation of property values should occur.

The stock market should recover decently starting in December 2009, although it may have to wait until Spring 2010 to show any real signs of strength.

When Ketu, by retrograde motion, goes over the degree where the Sun is, in the USA's natal chart (around 23 degrees Gemini), I expect that the U.S. Congress will start to deal with immigration issues seriously. This occurs in April 2010. Why then? Because Ketu stands for foreigners and the Sun stands for the government.

Chart source: James Kelleher

(c) Copyright 2009 Michael Laughrin.

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