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Divine Music Master

By Michael Laughrin guitar
My soul did attend a special teaching.
The Music Master sang a wondrous song.
He bade me listen,
Then sing along.

As we sang the colors
Became filled with Light
The melody of Gold
Did banish Night.

Winter became Eternal Spring
He painted, with glorious Hue,
The world, with Me and You.

I could not draw.
Just try, said he,
The scene I drew
Was of the Eternal Sea
With angels a dancing
On waves of Light.

Then he had me write.
I could not say, "No"
My words did show
A future so grand
I could not believe
It came from my hand.

He started to dance
I moved also
Celestial beings
Began to show.

He danced the Joy
Of everlasting Light.
He danced the rhythm of Eternal Soul
He sang the song of Eternity
So we could listen
And begin to See.

Now, no talent I and yet
If I sing his songs.
People let
Me sing and sing
Of everlasting Truth
And peace and Love.

I remember His lessons
I do as he bid

Now joy is Mine
I paint the Tomorrow

I make the sign
Of Heavenly things

We write the World

We dance the Festive Now.

We paint the birth
Of the Triumphant Sea
That forever speaks
Of Eternity.

O Master,
You took the unfinished clay
And gave it Life.

You showed the way.

Now I sing and dance and paint and write
His songs of Celestial Light.

The melodies to shine
In every heart--

Yours and mine.

The music goes on.

Never before heard I music like this.
It taught me to Hear.
It taught me Bliss.

It banishes Fear.
O little ones.

Now He is gone,
But his song lives on.
Just hum it, you see,

And Nature will thrive
The divine poesy

Awakens our eyes.


(c) copyright 2008 Michael Laughrin.

From the February/March 2008 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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