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Space, Unbounded

Editor's Note: This young person was given a brainstorming worksheet on "Space" at school. What she wrote become this artwork plus the poem, below. Click to see a full-sized image.

Space, Unbounded
By Hope Little

Space is unbounded mauve light.
Circles of life--different life--other life.
Perfect isn't really there.
Perfect is non-existence.
Ongoing darkness,
Always starting, always beginning, always ending.
Thinning tunnels and spirals.
Planets. Stardust. Fractions of space.
Silence unbounded.

(c) 2015 Hope Little. All rights reserved. Printed with permission.

From the April/May 2015 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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