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Book Review: To Be and Not to Be: That's the Solution! by Marcelo Rossi de Castilho

Review by Michael Laughrin,

book cover to be and not to beI have read many thousands of books in my life and I would rate this book of 84 pages in the top 10.

As far as the importance of the book, I put it in the top 5. The Eternal Philosophy, which has existed ever since humans were civilized, tells the deep story of life. It transcends ordinary philosophy, it transcends religion, it transcends psychology. And yet, it includes the essence of philosophy, psychology and religion within its gentle grasp.

It is like the most beautiful melody in the world. The melody never changes, but the singer changes, the arrangement changes, the key changes, the instrumentation changes, the rhythm changes, the harmony changes and the whole style of the Eternal Melody changes radically from age to age.

The author presents the ancient teaching of Unity of all Existence in a new, perfectly logical, extremely clear manner. His education is mostly in the physical sciences and he quotes famous physicists, and their important experiments, when appropriate.

Many enlightened Masters have taught these same teachings, but Mr. Castilho, in my opinion, tells us the ancient story of Eternal Truth in a crystal clear manner that seems to have no flaws in its presentation.

Every literate person should read this book. All sincere seekers of truth MUST read this book.

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