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Book Review: "Oz Power" by Bill Bauman, Ph.D.

Review by Deborah Allison

Oz Power: How to Click Your Heels and Take Total Charge of Your Life is written by Bill Bauman. Marci Shimoff (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) describes the author as "the enlightened Mr. Rogers." This remarkable man, with both a gentle kindness and powerful charisma, projects a goodness and practical wisdom that shines through his writings. He inspires us all to click the heels of our ruby slippers together and take charge of our lives.

Wisdom asserts itself in the most interesting and creative ways. "Oz Power" is a beautiful example of using the metaphor of myth as a catalyst for change and self-development. The story of Dorothy's adventures powerfully links the "stages" of her transformation to the stages of human life and development. Universal issues of security, fear, guilt, conformity, approval, wisdom, independence, empowerment and sagehood are brilliantly unfolded through the characters in the story and the challenges Dorothy and her friends fear and overcome.

Throughout the book, Bill draws on inspiring stories of the countless people that he has mentored and uplifted, and he skillfully connects them to the over arching metaphor of Oz.

Told in a very readable, down-to-earth way with charm, humor and great compassion, the book is multidimensional and will impact even the most sophisticated seeker.

"Oz Power" is published by The Center for Soulful Living. You can order it from their website - - click "Inspirational and Educational Products". It is also available on Related products:

  • Oz Power Audio Book on 8 CDs
  • Oz Power Companion with uplifting daily sayings
  • Oz Power Presentation a 37-minute DVD (video) or CD

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