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Excellent WIX Websites for Small Businesses

By Michael Laughrin (

My friend and newsletter editor, Lee Starshine, recently became a Certified WIX Webmaster.

You may already know that WIX is an excellent platform for most small business websites. It's mobile friendly, modern, beautiful, and reliable. Easy maintenance makes WIX especially affordable, because you can make small changes to the site yourself. Monthly fees are just $14-$19/month and they often have special offers.

Lee can make a new site from scratch, re-create an existing website, or do a make-over on a current WIX website. She turns a draft of the website around in just 2 business days.

If you or someone you know is in need of a website, please contact Lee. She has been making websites since 1997. Get 20% off website design & launch with coupon code ML20. Check out examples and see her very reasonable prices at:


"The website is live now and I LOVE IT! It has a wonderful feel. All our attention has really paid off. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your expertise and diligence."

David Sands, Owner, Partnership for WellBEING
Fairfield IA

"Working with Lee Starshine is a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated to customer service and offers supportive marketing suggestions. I gave her my preferences to customize the color and design, then she included my very own art work to personalize the final look of the site. I am grateful for her skill to get the job done and flexibility to meet my needs."

Kathryn Andren, Founder of The Love Astrologer
Hudson Valley, NY

"I enjoyed working with Lee very much! Her quirky sense of humor helped put me at ease as I was contemplating the arduous task of promoting and writing about myself and my business. She asked great questions and pointed out strengths to emphasize. I felt had she listened to my desires and really helped me organize them. She has a nice way of framing info, and also listens to input with an open mind. Thanks, Lee, for being fun and easy to work with."

Liz Menendez, Manna Massage and Acupuncture
Kingston/New Paltz/Poughkeepsie, NY

(c) copyright 2017 Michael Laughrin.

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